<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/13/10/40/87/22/180126034128.jpg?t=1529305758"><br>10 Acres of raw land just south of Holly Rd and new Clark Pacific facility - just east of Beaver; just west of Koala. APN # 3129-551-07 is zoned MI and was recently RE-ZONED to include MEDICAL CANNABIS CULTIVATION. Priced very competitively compared to existing Phase 1 properties. Located around the corner from pavement on Beaver and one lot away from utilities on Koala. This lot is perfect for investors looking to build in the near future. Buy in the path of future development. Vacant Lot in Prime Location -fourth lot east of Adelanto Airport Park; 664 feet frontage on Cactus Rd. 10 Acres - Zoned MI for Manufacturing / Industrial and CANNABIS CULTIVATION.<br>